Decorating your home with the right kind of light during the holidays can be tough, especially if you believe that you are limited to using “steadies” (steady light bulbs, much like the ones used in table lamps or study lamps) or twinkling Christmas lights (these are vastly limited in application, especially if you want to be creative).


Is there another option?

Can we be more creative with decorative lighting during the holidays or even during Halloween or any time of the year when the house needs a bit of redecorating to freshen things up?

The answer is yes, finally, we can be more creative!

Recently, the Lunite LED Flame Effect Light Bulb has made it to the market.

What’s truly special about these light bulbs is they simulate the light patterns of flames continuously, creating this warm and attractive light that is impossible to attain when we use ordinary Christmas lights or steady LED bulbs.

Using state of the art integrated circuits, flicking flame light bulbs emit varying warm glows (these are perfectly timed) and consume very little electricity (Lunite bulbs only need six watts to operate) and can be plugged into outlets with less than 110 volts of power (minimum voltage is 86 volts).