Today’s article is brought to us by Clint, a writer for AZEF (a local Arizona real estate group that writes for this marketing company). He recently helped put together this new Chandler home for sale listings page on their website. He’s working on a piece for their blog as well, detailing the most sought after neighborhoods in the East Valley.


If you are considering selling your home then there are many things to think about. For most people, things like which insurance agent to hire and curb appeal come to mind immediately. These two things are very important to selling a home. They do affect how quickly a home will sell and whether or not you will get your asking price. But, they don’t affect the home’s overall value much. So, you should also consider the 3 biggest tips for boosting your home’s value.

Perform Small Home Improvements

When you think of home improvements, you probably think about remodeling. These are very expensive jobs that can take time to complete. But, there are some simpler home improvements that you can make to help your home’s value.

In fact, many can be done for under $100. You can do things like getting a home inspection. This allows you to provide proof that your home is up to snuff. It also puts prospective buyers at ease. Visit with a home designer or real estate agent. There are many real estate agents that offer to walk through your home and give you ideas. But, you also can hire an interior designer for an hour to do the same thing. Another simple home improvement is paint. Updating the colors can do a lot.

Perform an Energy Audit

When a home’s value is figured there are many different factors. How energy efficient a home is and how old the major appliances are two of these factors. This means the age of things like the water heater and HVAC system. If you update these major appliances then you not only can increase your home’s value but you also make it more energy efficient. This will also save you on your energy bills while you are still in the home.

Add a Luxury That Also Saves Money

Any luxury that you can add to your home will have an effect on both how quickly a home can sell and also the home’s value. A great way to do this is looking at your water system. No, we are not talking about the water heater, we already did that. We are talking about the quality of the water. A water filtration system is a great and low cost luxury that you can easily add to your home. Again, it will also save you money by eliminating the need for bottled water while you are in the home.

There are many things that you can do to help your home sell quicker. There are also things you can do that will help increase your home’s value. The holy grail is to find things that do both at the same time. You can do this easily by performing small and cheap home improvements, consulting with an interior designer, performing an energy audit, and adding simply luxuries. If you implement these 3 biggest tips for increasing your home’s value then you will not only sell faster but be able to get more money for your home.