If you’ve ever been curious about how tobacco feels like when you smoke it through a pipe, here’s our take: it’s cool and refreshing. With no additional paper burning, it’s just you and natural tobacco.

Regular pipe smokers will swear by this up and down, and once you get into the habit of using wooden tobacco pipes instead of regular cigarettes, you’re going to say – where have these wooden tobacco pipes been all your life?

It can be a dizzying experience looking at Mr. Brog wooden tobacco pipes, simply because there is just so much variety in each series. If you need something compact but stylish, with clean lines and an executive finish, we recommend the Mr. Brog 86 Champion Handmade Briar Tobacco Pipe. The clean lines of the pipe make it look modern, a far cry from the classic briar pipes that have been made to look rusticated, with lots of texture. Smooth, clean lines and deep color tones make the 86 Champion a true winner in the modern design category. With a deep brown stem and a dark, natural finish, this particular pipe will soon be your favorite.

Made with Mediterranean briar wood, the tip of the 86 Champion is made tight, to help cool down the smoke, allowing the smoker to enjoy a refreshing smoke every time. The tightening of the tip helps achieve the “Cool Smoke” effect that people love with Mr. Brog wooden tobacco pipes. Admittedly, not everyone likes classic or modern. Some like their tobacco pipes long, ornate and extremely distinct. If you are this kind of pipe smoker, look no further than the Mr. Brog Beautiful Handmade 19-inch Long Tobacco Pipe. Crafted with Italian briar and with enough aesthetic beauty to light a room, this smoking pipe is a talking point even if it’s just sitting on its pipe stand.

The reason for the long stem, apart from allowing the maker to add lots of beautiful details, is to cool down the smoke before it reaches the smoker’s lips. This enhances the experience overall, and the point of all of these design modifications is to make pipe smoking an even more lovable activity. If the 19-inch long pipe is a bit off the charts for you, we’d love for you to try the Mr. Brog Rubel Bent Bulldog Tobacco Pipe. As the name implies, this tobacco pipe is built large and dense, with lines as big as life.

The bowl is round like a full keg, with adequate top space to tamp down your tobacco with ease. The signature Mr. Brog bend is there, despite its compact size, the dark stem just makes the natural finish stand out even more. No. 132 Rubel pipe is but one of many compact Mr. Brog pipes available that are all made with the everyday smoker in mind.

Don’t be confused when buying your first pipe: go by the appearance. If the appearance of the pipe resonates with you and just wows you, chances are, that’s the perfect wooden tobacco pipe for you. Go ahead – smoke a pipe today.