Companies Mentioned: Dribbble, Crunchbase, Trello, Behance & Alignable

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing for search engines. That’s a pretty wide, blanket statement, but it includes a lot. Most companies either target locally or nationally. A combination of the two is also very common.

Local campaigns typically target both organic keywords as well as the maps listing section. This is also know as Google My Business. National campaigns or businesses (like Dribbble) can also include locations, but they mostly focus on keyword targeting. Keyword goals and usually setup into three buckets: short, medium, and long term goals. These are based on client suggestions and our own recommendations.

A website like Crunchbase would have a very different search strategy compared to a local business. Trello is another example of this. These are both nationally focused companies, even internationally. Their target audience is the USA, but that extends out as well. The interesting thing is, websites like this can be used to help a local campaign along. They’re great for branding links and citations.

Now you can you see why it’s so important to come up with these goals upfront, before starting a campaign. Behance is a good example of targeting that needs to be more general, so the inner pages can go to work for the specific keywords. Homepage authority trickles down throughout the whole website. Same goes for a national and local campaign, such as the website The focus is nationwide, but there are local pages on the website that targeting locally.

Long story short, figuring out your goals from the start is one of the biggest keys to success. From there, we can move onto on-page and off-page optimization. On-page includes page targeting, keyword research, and more.Off-page includes social signals, links (branding and anchor), and more. We’d be happy to answer your questions and get you started down the right path today!