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Understanding Search Engine Optimization

Companies Mentioned: Dribbble, Crunchbase, Trello, Behance & Alignable

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing for search engines. That’s a pretty wide, blanket statement, but it includes a lot. Most companies either target locally or nationally. A combination of the two is also very common.

Local campaigns typically target both organic keywords as well as the maps listing section. This is also know as Google My Business. National campaigns or businesses (like Dribbble) can also include locations, but they mostly focus on keyword targeting. Keyword goals and usually setup into three buckets: short, medium, and long term goals. These are based on client suggestions and our own recommendations.


Reasons Why Internet Marketing Has Gotten More Popular In The Past Decade

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The Internet has been around for some time, but never in the form that it is today. The world wide web has slowly advanced until the speeds were faster than ever thought possible before by consumers– and as a result, the way the world operates changed. In the past decade, the Internet’s skyrocketed and become a busy place where so much goes on. Marketers who were once isolated to print ads, television ads, and radio now have the world at their fingertips.


If you’re an acupuncturist in Phoenix¬†(like Rock Star), the playing field has been completely leveled out. By working with an Arizona online marketing company, you can now reach searchers who are looking specifically for you. Pretty amazing, huh?

Read on to find out why internet marketing has gotten so popular in the past ten years:

The Internet’s Faster Than Ever

If you were using the Internet ten years ago, you probably remember how incredibly slow it was at the time. Even one single web site would take forever to load something, so you had to be selective about where you went and how long you wanted to wait for the image of the site to download and appear. These days, the Internet is much faster, and you can do so much more. That goes not only for visiting sites, but for people making sites and content. There are not only people that can set up a website for you, there are programs that will help you design one.

Video Sharing Has Gotten Easier

Once YouTube came around, all of a sudden you didn’t have to pay to post your ads because YouTube paid to host it for you! All of a sudden, it became easy to upload a video about whatever you wanted! Marketers didn’t figure this out right away, but once they did, it really got the ball rolling when it comes to video marketing. A decade before that, people had to pay for bandwidth that allowed people to watch the video– and video times were pretty slow anyway. Now that video sharing is finally easier, so is video marketing.