The Nevada Lemon Law was designed to ensure that a new car owner is treated fairly and is based on excessive times (trips to the repair shop) your car has been unusable and/or the total amount of time (days or weeks) that it is unusable (due to being in the shop, whether for the same problem or various problems) and is meant to compensate you for the unreasonable hassles that should not accompany new car purchases.

This compensation may come in the form of a full or partial refund (and based on whether or not a deduction for reasonable usage fee applies), a new car found to be comparable or substantial cash compensation when you keep the car. Ninety-five percent of the time Amar Law Group gets the job done in 1 to 3 months without ever stepping into the courtroom and the out-of-court settlements also result in attorneys’ fees (by law) being paid by the car manufacturer; not you.*