How to Market Your Online Store With the Help of Social Media

Did You Know? Looking at other online retailers/ strategy is a great way to pick up tips on best practices. The plus sized lingerie brand Angelique does a lot with social media, including Facebook. This way, when they run a special on full-figure corsets, they already have a built in audience to let know about the sale instantly. That’s the power of social media.


Online social media is a great way to promote your online store or business. Just having a store out there sometimes is just not enough to bring in the customers. So, how can you harness the power of social media to boost sales and bring in traffic? We’re here to help you get your online store thriving using social media. Read on to find out more.

How to Market Your Online Store With the Help of Social Media

Considering Different Social Media Sites

There are so many different social media sites out there to choose from. Keep in mind that you don’t have to pick just one! Most businesses use a combination of social media accounts to keep current and to reach potential and current customers. Some popular social media sites among companies include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and SnapChat, although more are popping up every day!

Setting Up Online Accounts

You’ll likely want to set up accounts online with these various media sites. If you want to just start out by signing up for one and learning how to use it, that’s fine too! All you’ll need to do is either access the site on your computer or by using an app on your phone. Create an account name and a password, and start familiarizing yourself with the site. There are many videos and articles that can help you do this if you’re not getting these sites, but it’s overall pretty straight forward. Most people know how to use Facebook, Twitter is very simple, and the rest are not too hard to figure out either, so don’t be worried!


Reasons Why Internet Marketing Has Gotten More Popular In The Past Decade

The Internet has been around for some time, but never in the form that it is today. The world wide web has slowly advanced until the speeds were faster than ever thought possible before by consumers– and as a result, the way the world operates changed. In the past decade, the Internet’s skyrocketed and become a busy place where so much goes on. Marketers who were once isolated to print ads, television ads, and radio now have the world at their fingertips.


If you’re an acupuncturist in Phoenix (like Rock Star), the playing field has been completely leveled out. By working with an Arizona online marketing company, you can now reach searchers who are looking specifically for you. Pretty amazing, huh?

Read on to find out why internet marketing has gotten so popular in the past ten years:

The Internet’s Faster Than Ever

If you were using the Internet ten years ago, you probably remember how incredibly slow it was at the time. Even one single web site would take forever to load something, so you had to be selective about where you went and how long you wanted to wait for the image of the site to download and appear. These days, the Internet is much faster, and you can do so much more. That goes not only for visiting sites, but for people making sites and content. There are not only people that can set up a website for you, there are programs that will help you design one.

Video Sharing Has Gotten Easier

Once YouTube came around, all of a sudden you didn’t have to pay to post your ads because YouTube paid to host it for you! All of a sudden, it became easy to upload a video about whatever you wanted! Marketers didn’t figure this out right away, but once they did, it really got the ball rolling when it comes to video marketing. A decade before that, people had to pay for bandwidth that allowed people to watch the video– and video times were pretty slow anyway. Now that video sharing is finally easier, so is video marketing.


3 Biggest Tips for Boosting Your Home’s Value

Today’s article is brought to us by Clint, a writer for AZEF (a local Arizona real estate group). He recently helped put together this new Chandler home for sale listings page on their website. He’s working on a piece for their blog as well, detailing the most sought after neighborhoods in the East Valley.


If you are considering selling your home then there are many things to think about. For most people, things like which insurance agent to hire and curb appeal come to mind immediately. These two things are very important to selling a home. They do affect how quickly a home will sell and whether or not you will get your asking price. But, they don’t affect the home’s overall value much. So, you should also consider the 3 biggest tips for boosting your home’s value.

Perform Small Home Improvements

When you think of home improvements, you probably think about remodeling. These are very expensive jobs that can take time to complete. But, there are some simpler home improvements that you can make to help your home’s value.

In fact, many can be done for under $100. You can do things like getting a home inspection. This allows you to provide proof that your home is up to snuff. It also puts prospective buyers at ease. Visit with a home designer or real estate agent. There are many real estate agents that offer to walk through your home and give you ideas. But, you also can hire an interior designer for an hour to do the same thing. Another simple home improvement is paint. Updating the colors can do a lot.


How to Build A Business Anyone Would Be Proud Of

When it comes to starting your own business, there’s a lot of factors to consider. However, the truth is that no matter what the business is, a good business always has a few things in common with another.

The same challenges that you face in one field will likely be very similar to the ones you face in another. Your business may be just an idea now, but how do you take something that you’ve thought of and turn it into a real living and breathing entity (so to speak)? Read on to find out how to build a business that anyone would be proud of.

Make A Plan

Want to build a business? Then you need to have a plan. Flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best just isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need to have some type of plan established that will give you structure.


While it may not act as a cut and dry rule book that you must follow, it will give you the structure you need and the basic framework to move ahead. Basic plans can be improvised on, but it’s much easier to edit what you already have and add on than to be coming in with no plan and make one up as you go along. So go ahead, make a plan. It’s going to be the rough blueprint for the incredible business you will build.

Choose Efficiency As Your Priority

When it comes to business, it’s so easy to get in over your head. It can happen quickly and before you even realize it. That’s why it makes sense to make efficiency your priority before you start so that you’ll have it as a priority in place once you get going.


Resolve to make the best choices for your company, ones that prioritize reality over idealism, pragmatic marching forward over dreaming of what could be. Dream a dream– maybe one day you’ll get there. But in the meantime, make efficiency the number one priority of your business. Having a business that has no place for wasted time will earn you respect from your peers, your customers, and most importantly, yourself.

Work Hard

Not everyone who works hard is going to make it big. However, you know where you’ll be if you choose laziness over all else. Work so hard that you will be truly shocked and amazed if you ever do fail. Earn your failures, and learn from your mistakes.


Be the first person to get up in the morning and start their workday and always work hard. With that kind of work ethic, you’ll know that you’ve given everything you have to succeed and build a business anyone would be proud of.

Hire Good People

There are the good people, and then there are the others. Your business depends on who’s working for you, so take a long hard look at who you’re hiring. If you prize loyalty, creativity, and hard work, look for those candidates. Employees help make a company great. Hire good people and you’ll go far.